If you know any good bands that might be interested in playing at Rams Pub
in Holbrook, NY, please email info@rams.rocks for more information. Thank you


Please email your pictures and/or videos you took at Rams Pub to us so we may post them to our instagram account and youtube channel. To email a video you must lower your iphones video resolution so it shrinks the filesize for proper emailing BEFORE you take your videos (recommended one full live band song only), please follow these instructions:

Open the Settings app, scroll down and tap “Photos & Camera”. Scroll down to the ‘Camera’ submenu, and tap ‘Record Video‘ to change the recording format. Select the 720p HD at 30fps resolution and re-open the camera app. You should now be able to record in your newly chosen format. This will just change your video resolution. It will not affect your images at all. Just send images as is.

Please EMAIL your images and/or videos to info@rams.rocks
Send videos one email at a time, you may send multiple images in one email.

You’ll see images on our instragram page and videos on our youtube channel within 48 hours.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ramsamericanpub/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYjQM1o2pp6t98N8hweHL9A/videos

And finally, only if your a regular yelp user (yelp deletes reviews if you only did a couple), and want to post a review (hopefully a good one), you can post that here:
If you had any problems with anything at Rams, please email us at the above email address and we will solve the issue so it never happens again. We will also reply to your email stating how we resolved the issue permanently.

Thank you very much,
Rams American Pub

236 Union Avenue
Holbrook, NY 11741